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My name is Jax and Harlow Quinne is my eco-friendly upcycled-fashion company. I like to help the earth in many different ways every day, but my favorite way to help is by reusing fabrics and clothing items that are still in really good condition that can be easily altered into something hip and original.
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Hi everyone, 

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, I had a family emergency and was in Ohio for a while. I just got back and started working on all my Spring inventory and I have some really fun new things to put up including fun new tutorials for adults AND kids! 

Stay tuned!!! 

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I am having an after Christmas sale so that I can make room for more new inventory. I’ve come up with a whole new line and want to introduce it by January, so I’m having an end of December sale!

The vintage Christian Dior blazer went from $110 to $70!!


This tutorial is a day late, I thought I had posted it but it looked like it saved to drafts =( ANYWAY better late than never…

Today’s tutorial will show you how to reuse old vinyl records and make them into fun bowls! You can use them as fruit bowls, change bowls, candy dishes, a bowl to throw your keys in, potpourri bowl, or practically anything! This also makes for a very fun (and cheap!) Christmas gift! You can run out to your local thrift store right now and find some vinyl for sometimes as cheap as 20 cents!

Let’s begin!

You will need: a vinyl of course, an empty tin can, some dry rice or dry beans, and a glass or metal oven safe bowl slightly smaller than your record, and finally, an oven. I do not recommend doing this in the microwave, it heats up too quickly.

So first off, you’re going to want to wipe down your vinyl and make sure there isn’t any dust or sticky stuff on it, also make sure there are no cracks. Pre-heat your oven to 200 - 220 degrees. Then place your vinyl on top of your bowl and center it.

Take your empty (clean) tin can and fill it with the dry rice or beans and place it on top of the vinyl in the center.

Now place everything on your oven rack in the center of the oven, closest to the bottom of the oven.

You’re going to want to constantly check on your record every minute or so, because your record will “flop” anywhere between 2 and 8 minutes depending on how hot your oven gets. Now its time to take out your oven mits!

Once you see your record start to flop, you will want to re-position the can so that it stays in the middle of the record, one side may get hotter than the other and tip to one side. Try to keep the record as even as possible.

**Please be aware that there may be some harsh fumes coming out of the oven from this record, you may want to put a rag or something over your face.

After your record starts to heat up and has flopped all the way to the bottom of the bowl, take it out and start to shape and mold your record along the bowl. I like to take the can and push against the middle of the record into the bowl to make a nice flat bottom.

Now let it sit and cool for about 10-15 minutes so it can hold its shape inside the bowl. Then pop it out and it’s ready to go!

These will not be dishwasher safe, but some warm water and soap will do the trick!

Happy recycling and happy holidays!!

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In need of a last minute stocking stuffer? How about our upcycled change purse? Great for guys and ladies, Only $5 right now at our etsy store! 


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Would you guys like to see a holiday tutorial tomorrow or just a regular recycling tutorial? 

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For this Tuesday’s tutorial we are making really simple upcyled paper ornaments. They are so easy you can make them with your kids, or they can be as detailed as you’d like. 

You are going to need:


Upcycled paper (construction paper, old book paper, computer paper, newspaper, etc)

Crayons or paint  (if you’d like to color your paper)

Glitter or other decorations w/ glue

Ribbon or string


Here we go!

Start with a couple of pieces of your choice of paper, I chose red and green for Christmas. 

You are going to cut strips about an inch wide up the side of the paper. You will need about 5-6 strips of each color. 

Once you’ce cut your strips, if they are not already colored, this is when you will color your strips at least 2 different colors or more. You can paint them, or color in with crayon. Once your strips are colored in a dry, you will cut 2 of the strips in half. 


The strip you cut in half will be your center piece, you will want one color of each, on top of each other, this size. Put this strip in the middle on the table, and line up your other strips next to them, as shown below. 

You will need to cut each strip a different size, the smallest in the center and getting a little longer all the way to the end. So the next strip outward from the center will take an inch off, the next outward will take a half an inch off, and the last piece will be left that size. 

Once your strips are all cut, you will take the tops of each strip together, keeping the smallest piece in the center, the longest pieces on the outsides.

Now staple at the top so all the pieces are stapled together. 

Now flip the pieces over and bring all the bottoms together. 

Staple the bottoms together

Now it should look like this:

Take a 3-4 inch piece of ribbon, make a loop and staple it at the top of the ornament. You can also take just a long piece of string, and use different lengths and hang above a breakfast table or child’s crib! 

Now is the point where you can decorate your ornament with glitter, or jewels or whatever else you’d like to put on it! 

And your ornament is done! You can make it as creative or simple as you want! 

Happy recycling! 

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! &lt;3
Harlow Quinne


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! <3


Harlow Quinne

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Working on some new winter tunic dresses. Not quite finished yet, still missing some detail but what do you think so far?

Working on some new winter tunic dresses. Not quite finished yet, still missing some detail but what do you think so far?

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So I apologize that this Tutorial Tuesday came a little late, but hey! It’s still Tuesday!

Today I’m posting a tutorial that is fun and super easy, since we already have enough on our plates for thanksgiving! Today’s tutorial will be something you might benefit from during the holiday season as well.

I’m going to show you how to turn some old corks (as in champagne or wine corks) into a pot or plant rest, and some non-scuff chair booties.

All you need are some corks and some glue of your choice, so gather up some corks and let’s go!

CORK CHAIR BOOTIES: If you are having some family come over for the holidays, (especially rowdy family) you will definitely benefit from these chair booties to save your newly shined floors! This diy will save your tile, wood, linoleum, or any other shiny hard surface you don’t want scuffed!

STEP #1. I like to use champagne corks for the chairs because they tend to be a bit larger. You’re going to take the bottom of the cork and cut off about 1/2” to a 1/4” of the end.

STEP #2. Take your cork slice and dab either hot glue, or wood glue to one side of the cork slice.

STEP #3. Stick it to the end of your chair, couch, or stool legs.You can also use this for bookshelves, desks, or anything that rests on top of the counter!

And you’re done! No more scratched floors, and this also helps with wobbly legs!

CORK POT/PLANT REST: This little cork mat is a fun way to decorate your kitchen while also having a safe place to rest hot pots and pans or a leaky plant without ruining your counters!

STEP #1. Get all of your corks out, and start playing around with the shape and size you want your mat to be. You want it to be wide enough to rest a pot on, also while choosing your corks, you want to pick out similar shape and sized corks. The closer in size, the better they will all fit together.

STEP #2. I had enough for a 3x3x6 cube. You’ll want to decide if you want to have a boxed in mat or try a funky design.

After you have your mat laid out, you’ll want to start to glue the inside pieces first.

STEP #3. Take your first 2 pieces and glue together. If you’re using wood glue, these next steps will take longer, as you will need to wait for the rows to dry with each step before fitting your whole piece together.

You’ll want to squeeze them together and wipe away any excess glue so that all your pieces will still fit together as desired.

STEP #4. Glue all of the inside rows first, and outlining rows second.

STEP #5. Once all your inside and outlining rows are glued, begin to glue your rows inside rows together first. Make a small line of glue to the center of the first row. Make sure that if you want your labels to show that you are gluing the appropriate side.

STEP #6. Once your inside rows are glued and cool, start out your outlining or border rows.

STEP #7. Let the corks cool and remove excess glue, if you have holes or spaces, cut a full cork to fit in your hole and glue and other spots remaining.

And you’re done! You have a very fun looking pot rest to set hot metal on! I like to use mine as plant coasters.

Happy recycling, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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